The name Driven 24/7 embodies our belief that God has called all of us to serve Him 24/7.  This simple concept posted throughout the youth rec-room and teen room stands as a constant reminder to each of our youth to maintain our testimony for Christ at all times.  It is an amazing blessing to see God working great things in our teen program.  We worked to build this youth group on the premise that God’s saving grace is for all.  We have designed the program to reach as many young people with the saving knowledge of Christ as possible and then to train, disciple, and build them into the men and women God desires them to be.

By His grace we have the opportunity to see God working in hearts and lives every week.  It is not uncommon for us to cover a wide array of discussion and lesson topics from week to week, always with the purpose of freeing the mind of the young person from earthly pursuits so that God can do a great work in their hearts.  As youth pastor, it is a passion of mine to study the science behind Creation. I have found that even teens who claim salvation are weak in their understanding of God’s creative works.  It can be a major struggling point in their faith. We aim to remove that roadblock and many others that stand in our teens’ way, creating in them a faith built on answers–not questions.

We extend an invitation to all 7th -12th graders to join this unique group every Sunday night from 6-8 pm.

-Pastor Adam