Meet Our Staff

Glenn Ray

Senior Pastor
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Immediately after college Pastor and Karen were married and that December they began their first pastorate. They have been in ministry since that time and are in their 40th year of serving the Lord. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in June of 2012.

Pastor and Karen Ray came to Maranatha in August of 1988. At that time the oldest of the 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys) was 11 and the youngest was 4. The kids have grown up at Maranatha, gotten married at Maranatha and dedicated themselves to following the Lord while at Maranatha. By God’s grace three are serving the Lord in full time service. The other two are both faithful in church, one at Maranatha serving with her husband and the other in West Virginia with his family.

Although Pastor Ray loves hunting and fishing and motorcycle riding, preaching and teaching the Word of God is his true passion.  Preaching through books of the Bible exegetically is a thrill to him as the Bible comes alive and answers contemporary questions.

Adam Ray

Assistant Pastor
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Pastor Adam Ray currently serves as the Assistant Pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church and is the oldest son of Pastor Ray. Since graduating from Pensacola Christian College in 2001, he has managed Maranatha’s children’s and youth ministries, has overseen its music ministry, and has led the growth of its youth outreach programs. He and his wife Rachel, who were married on January 1, 2000, have three children: Kenton, Hudson and Addison.

Adam has a great passion to reach other people for Christ and uses his other loves of hunting and fishing, archery, golf, personal fitness, wood-working, and a number of other activities to create and cultivate personal relationships for the spread of the gospel.